Pictures alone today


Let children have peace at home.

Children are the very first people you may meet or see at home. These same people need peace of mind at home to help them execute their aspirations. They will appreciate their parents and elderly persons if they are allowed to operate on maximum freedom. Parents on other hand should give them right to do certain things on their own by not infringing on their rights and freedom. IMG-20151108-WA0018.jpg

‘Children our future’

It’s good that everybody recognizes that children are our future. Imagine a farm cultivating crops with all the efforts to obtain something worth compensating. I expect everyone to have it at the back of the mind that children are the future and we must appreciate. once children are the future, greater attention must be exercised on them. For future investment of the individuals whether married or not married,children must be considered. Indeed we must love to cure for children because they are the future.

Believers will understand me better as per Holly  Bible, Acts 20:35

Day experience

I recognize today as  faithful and fruitful day because of my personal experience for the day. Good things are happening and however bad things too. For me the good things exceed the bad things and really enjoying here in Ghana.

Donation is good

Gimpa linkup tour has been executed. The concerned students of Gimpa donated educational materials to pupils of Nzulezu school in the western region on the 9th November, 2015. The items donated includes: Exercise books, pencils and pens, slates, sharpeners,school bags and many others.